Integrative Gartenarbeit mit Flüchtlingen

Yesra Issak, Georg Wiesinger, Fritz Neuhauser, Sigrid Egartner >

Informationsaussendung H2020 Projekt SIMRA

EU Projekt entschlüsselt Erfolgsfaktoren sozialer Innovation in marginalisierten ländlichen Räumen >

ERDN Konferenz 2017

“Innovation and Cooperation in Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Rural Regions”  >


Research results are published in the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics’ own serial publications, the AWI-Schriftenreihe and Agrarpolitische Arbeitsbehelfe, and in journals, conference reports and on the Internet.

The AWI-Schriftenreihe makes the results of the institute’s studies and projects available to researchers, politicians and the interested public, whilst the Agrarpolitische Arbeitsbehelfe publicise information on current scientific and political topics, as well as conference reports, interim results of projects, data compilations for a multitude of topics, etc.

An annual activities report documents the AWI’s research work.